Graham Knox

March 2016

Favourable Winds

The famous leaning pines of Koekenaap show the effect of the intense south west ocean winds on plants growing on the north bank of the Olifants River. Wind is invisible but it can leave visible traces. The Western Cape is the windiest major wine region in the world. Where the wind is strongest and most… Continue reading …

March 2016

Grapes of Love

Can there be a prouder vine grower than Manelisi Mapukata, one of Gugulethu’s newest. These baby Muscat vines in his township block will bear their first grapes in 2018. In the following year, Manelisi will be expecting his first Chardonnay crop from his Fezeka block, also in Gugulethu. Manelisi took over his family’s garden in urban Gugulethu after… Continue reading …

January 2016

Hanging in there

It’s unusual to see emotion in nature. In a rare example this powerful eucalyptus demonstrates the fatigue of standing up to the relentless summer south east wind in the Cape. Think of how a grape vine feels when it is pummelled by the same wind. The defensive response leads to rare quality in the wine made from those… Continue reading …